Honour In The Mask (EP)

by Ephemeral Ocean

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I saw the ghosts far from hear, Looked behind us Returned the king and his crown, Refused all alien delights If my hands would be chopped off by those, Who drove from a throne itself, How do i bring hopes in you home, What took from hands of the king? And here we go before dawn, To that great candle, Which forced the answer, To bury itself in the forgotten ground The new sprout broke through, Centre of flaming souls If i left my tongue for the gift, Trying to cajole the people, You wouldn't hear this loud voice, Blessed by God You didn't decide to leave me without heart, It tired so hard, And at the nights embracing itself Didn't remember this love How can i please you?, If yours soul isn't glad? After all these people blinded by you, Took away my eyes! They will find an emptiness at this stare, Never read it, When it`s hopeless, them having thrown out, Then go to sleep.
Satisfy my idle dreams by Long branches of a rainbow I can correct nothing Only to smooth right angles Drops of deep autumn Will burn out word circles The head will be hung again In cold hands, full of holes The essence will gather under nails It crawled, fragmentary Shaked lines under the sky And remains instead of me We need a roast sun To resolve in waves Burning down as a gold faded To escape from empty eyes It`s necessary to learn a weak share Murdered particles of magic I`m alone. Will see at the dawn All our forgotten places Moments of the squeezed throat The saliva flows inertly The beast scented a smell An enemy will arrive here (soon) Allow me to paint our days by Colours of eternal grieves I such as you You are my honour, in the mask To breathe, saying goodbye to silence To blossom on the rescued torments So we began to wake up Lost in the noise of pulse`s knocks You are my honour, in the mask Anxiety running out under a floor Mirrors will show everything The bay that's called as "Heaven" Will ruins us with rains
End 03:43


released April 5, 2014


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Ephemeral Ocean Russia

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